Talk show host is advocating for animals with faux fur

Countless brands and celebrities have taken a stand behind opting for a world of faux-fur. From luxurious fashion labels to fast-fashion, celebrities’ brands and their personal habits, faux fur has been both an ethically environmental trend as well as a social statement.

While it was once seen as “lesser” and cheap, finding a plush faux-fur can drive quite a price tag now as it’s become more popular. Not so surprisingly, the woman who championed the phrase “be kind to one another” has fallen into the path of faux-fur, because animals deserve kindness too.

Ellen DeGeneres recently launched UnHide, a faux fur brand dedicated to stopping animal cruelty. Not long after adopting a stray dog and spending time at various animal sanctuaries, it’s not surprising that DeGeneres is now championing the cause for faux-fur.

After all, everything she does is centered around a lifestyle of care and kindness. Starting with faux fur blankets (fur throws are a big-ticket gift during the holidays, so the timing of the launch seems to be directed towards the gifting market), DeGeneres explains that she plans for this to be a first step in creating a brand aimed at finding solutions for all fur products.

From home items to fashion, UnHide is predicted to really shake the fur and faux fur industries. According to DeGeneres, the products are intended to “not only make you feel good but are here to do good”,