Want A Supermodel Glow?

For true skincare addicts, there are few things in life more pleasurable than a high-end skincare routine – like guilt-free chocolate and puppies. Emily Ratjkowski is one of those addicts. In her latest interview with Coveteur the supermodel discloses her fave products that she uses to unwind from a crazy day.

Among Ratjkowski’s luxury must-have products, Joanna Vargas Super Nova Serum($295) and Dr. Barbara Strum’s Face Cream Rich ($230) which she uses in her daily routine. The supermodel is also a fan of Sisley’s Black Rose Precious Face for mornings when she’s feeling a little dry.

Image Source: Pinterest

Aside from her super luxe buys, Ratjkowski still uses some classic staples. Although the supermodel admits to having a regular rotation of cleansers she always finds herself coming back to Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cleanser ($20). Ratjkowski also disclosed that she will often turn to an exfoliating men’s cleanser from the brand, Age Defender Dual-Action Exfoliating Cleanser when her skin needs an added pick me up.

Ratjkowski spares no secrets in her product gossip swearing that the By Terry brand is ultimate go-to.

The supermodel gushed that skincare has always been her thing, “I’m truly not as good with hair as I am with skin or makeup. Hair is harder for me.”