Finding the perfect shade of nail polish can be just as difficult as finding the perfect foundation shade. It has to match the exact skin tone color while also matching the correct undertones so actually, it’s just like searching for that perfect foundation. But the right nude color can look incredibly fresh, crisp, and even expensive and can match any outfit. It’s perfect when you don’t want to take the attention away from what you’re wearing or the accessories.

Although we can’t find the perfect shade of nude for every girl out there, we can give you some things you should look for when shopping for nude polish:

nudeKnow your skin tone and undertones. The skin from your hands is a different color from the one your face and the undertones can be different for both areas as well so don’t match the polish to your face or current foundation. Place your hands next to your face to see how different the color really is from the one on your face; it’s easier doing it this way because the colors will really stand out. Fair skins will generally stick with light, pinky shades while medium skins should go for camel or beige shades. Darker complexions have more options as pink and orange or cocoa colors all look great but should stay away from ashy tones which can make the hands look dull.

No matter what your skin color, stay away from yellow. Although it’s a skin undertone, yellow tends to look dull and can even make you look sickly. If you have yellow undertones, go for beige colored polishes with only a slight tint of yellow to avoid looking washed out.

Avoid going too dark or too light. Just like your foundation, if you go too dark or light, it’s going to show and it won’t be pretty. Same goes for your nail polish, especially since the nails are so small compared to the rest of your hands. Going for either extreme defies the reason for wearing nude nails so it’s best to test as many as you can to find that perfect shade.
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