If there’s one thing that we all tend to associate Beyonce’s face with, it has to be high cheekbones. Her face and makeup looks tend to be more about perfect highlighting and proper structure so her cheekbones tend to be the center of attention. The best part about her face is that it all looks so natural because of proper technique and color.

We’re not all born with perfectly heightened cheekbones like Beyonce or runway models but we have a few tips for you to try from Beyonce’s makeup artist, Sir John, for the perfect cheekbones.


Tip 1. To start off, use a foundation to create the hollow right underneath your cheekbones. By doing this you’re creating a natural looking hollow that looks more like a light shadow rather than deep-set cheekbones. Be sure to use a cool undertone foundation as opposed to warm because warm colors will give a more of a bronzed look than instead of a structured look.

Tip 2. Use taupe grey for the most natural looking cheekbones. We’ve mentioned this before a few times but taupe is the best color to create the perfect contoured look. After you’ve created the hollow on your cheeks, follow with some taupe blush on the lowest part of the cheekbone to create the perfect shadow. Try NYX’s blush in Matte Taupe, $5.

Tip 3. Use a highlighter on the highest points of the cheekbone. This will provide a more 3D effect and will make them look fuller.

Tip 4. Apply a light flush of color on the apples of your cheeks. Smile wide and wherever there is the most amount of volume is where your blush should be applied.

Try these tips for the perfect Beyonce cheekbones. If you want to see a demonstration of it with Sir John, check out the video.


(Cover image courtesy of Buda Mendes/Getty Images)