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Bringing Back An Early 2000 Style Staple

Summer is here and so are the latest and greatest summer fashion trends. Tye dye everything, fringe, neon, and the dad shoe. This summer has been filled with some hits and some misses. It’s true what they say about fashion and trends circling back around. Eventually, the old obnoxious fashion highlights of your high school days will inevitably be the next big thing in fashion once again. Case in point, the high heeled flip flop.

The high heeled flip flop may be one of the hottest summer trends worn by all of the KarJenners but, will this fashion trend really hold up in real life? The heeled flip flop first made an appearance in the ’90s and died relatively quickly after. However, by some higher power, they have returned for better or worse. The prices vary, as with anything, but the real question is, how much are you willing to sacrifice in the name of fashion?

The practicality of such a shoe is definitely questionable. The thin thong strap in the front is the only thing keeping you from an unsuspecting and possibly embarrassing fall. The shoe often made for the thinnest feet of all time, easily spills out over the side of the shoe, exposing you to the ground and the elements. But in the end, they do look so damn cute. I guess the final question is, will you be getting a pair?