Do you want to save you and your face the hassle of anti-aging procedures? You can easily avoid wrinkles and stay younger looking by changing a few every day bad habits that you may not know your doing. These beauty tips can shave a few years off of your face by simply changing those habits.

First, getting new clothing can actually help prevent aging believe it or not. Throwing away worn out clothing and treating yourself to new purchases can help you not only feel young, but also look younger. Another thing to do is to stop tanning. That sun-kissed beach babe look isn’t always worth those eventual harsh lines and wrinkles.

You may think that washing your face a ton and getting all those dirty bacteria cells out might be helping, but over washing your face can lead to the reduction of natural oils that produces a glowing complexion. We all love our coffee, but too much coffee can not only shrink your height but it can also dehydrate your skin and stain your teeth!

Another thing that can be difficult but is crucial to keeping your eyes young, is to stop staring at your phone so much. Squinting and slouching from screens can deepen your fine lines in your face. Lastly, smiling a little bit can make you look younger because frowning can cause wrinkles. And just remember to enjoy life and stay positive, the more you enjoy, the younger you’ll stay!