Breakouts are inevitable and usually come at the worst time possible. Factors like stress, hormones, or genetics cause those pesky spots to show up and possibly leaving a scar behind making them that much worse. Lucky for us, concealers are always there to save the day (or at least our faces) and can cover just about any spot almost completely if done correctly.

To cover that unwanted spot sitting on your face right now, try out this tutorial.

Step 1. Place a tiny amount of concealer on the back of your hand to warm up. When concealer warms up, it’s a lot easier to spread as it tends to be quite dense. You should always apply concealer after your foundation has set for better coverage and it should be ideally a tad darker than your natural complexion so that it draws attention away from the redness and size.

Step 2. Take your clean ring finger and dab some of the concealer on the spot. You’ll most likely go overboard on the coverage but that can be fixed easily by blending in the edges with your finger.

Step 3. After the concealer sets completely, use your foundation brush with whatever foundation is left and blend everything together.

Step 4. Lastly, set it with some transparent loose powder to keep it in place all day.

Hiding acne spots is a lot easier than you think so try this tutorial and watch those unwanted breakouts disappear in no-time.