There are things that we do in our everyday lives that we consider “signature” to us that people around us can identify us by. You may not see it as a big deal but people can recognize you by that Marc Jacobs “Daisy” scent that you use every day or that awesome shade of red that you love. Having a “signature” thing about you is pretty cool and can make you stand out from the crowd.

That being said, have you ever thought about having a signature makeup look? A look that works for your specific features and the colors that are on your face?If you’re looking to find a look that’s your own and you can go to on an everyday basis, we have some tips that will make finding your signature makeup easy.


Find the right type of foundation. It seems like an easy task but finding the right foundation can get a little tricky. Do some research to see which line will have the right color and the right formula so that your skin can look its best.

Colors that work will with your undertones. Have you ever wondered why that shade of red lipstick looks good on the girl in the subway but completely different on you? It’s because she most likely has different undertones than you and it works better for her. Identify whether you have cool, neutral, or warm undertones and stick to colors that will look best with them.

Avoid going overboard. When trying to find that perfect everyday look, too much of good thing can do more harm than good. Makeup is meant to enhance your features, not hide them so keep a light hand when applying any makeup product.
(Cover image: ELLE)