Breakouts are inevitable and can happen at any age contrary to popular belief; we tend to think that teenagers are the ones who suffer the most with them but adult acne is actually quite common. Not only is age a factor, but lifestyle has a lot to do with what your skin reflects. Smokers, unhealthy eaters, stress, and even that time of the month can all trigger those pesky spots that nobody likes to see. Getting rid of them completely can take a couple of days but we’ve got a few tips to try to shorten that time.


Cleaning your face and proper skincare is the first thing you need to do when you wake up and find a bright red spot. Getting rid of any or all oil and dirt is crucial so that the spot doesn’t have anything to thrive on. After applying the basic skincare, dab it with a spot treatment like the E.L.F. ”Zit Zapper” before applying makeup or The Face Shop’s “Spot Clear Intensive Patch” if you’re at home. Both of these products contain salicylic acid to diminish the size and redness.

If by the end the day when you take your makeup off and notice you have a breakout, applying a full face mask will do the trick. We like Peter Thomas Roth’s “Therapeutic Sulfur Masque” with kaolin clay that will not only lift the impurities off the skin but will also sooth and diminish the appearance of the breakout.

Try these tips next time you notice a breakout on your face and be sure to avoid touching it as it can get infected and leave a scar.