Sunburns are irritating and painful, and no one wants to look like a lobster. Not only do sunburns hurt, but they’re also damaging. It’s super important to stay protected in the sun, but every now and then you may forget to apply that sunscreen if you’re having fun in the sun. Here are the most effective and fastest ways that you can treat a sunburn and say goodbye to that burned skin.

First, hydration is key. The UV lights cause skin inflammation when you’re dealing with a sunburn, which means if you don’t moisturize you could end up with peeling skin. Hydration plays a big role in moisturizing, so drinking plenty of water and using aloe infused moisturizes can seriously help soothe your skin.

If you want to decrease swelling, it’s important to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills such as Advil, to reduce puffiness and sun poisoning affects. Not only that but it will take away any pain you could be feeling.

No one wants blisters, right? If you’re burnt starts the blister, the key is to keep them intact and don’t pop or peel them. If you leave it alone, your burn will heal quicker and you will lower your chances of getting an infection.

You can also get a prescription steroid cream to help speed up the healing process. UV lights produce free radicals, which seriously damage your skin cells and put you more at risk for skin cancer. Applying vitamin C serum can help minimize those harmful effects, and also moisturize at the same time.

Last but not least, preventing further sun damage. You want to protect your sunburn skin for more UV exposure while it’s still healing. Wearing tons of SPF and SPF protected clothes, staying in the shade, and slathering on the sunscreen, can seriously make a difference.

If you suffer from heliophile (sunshine addict) these tips could definitely help you in your skin from future damage.