Have you ever wondered if your nails are healthy? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell, but these five indicators can help you figure out whether or not your nails are healthy.

The first sign of healthy nails is that your nails appear a mauve or pink color tone. If your nails are not full of ridges, especially horizontal ridges… your nails are probably healthy. When you use things like drills on your nails or opt for gel manicures, they can be super damaging. Next time go for a polish if you don’t want to leave your nails all scarred up.

An especially huge indicator that your nails are healthy is that they are sturdy instead of fragile and do not easily break. If your nails easily chip or are not firm to the touch, they probably need some serious nourishing. If your nail fold isn’t red and puffy, that’s a good sign. Having no dark lines in your nails is a sign that your nails are thriving as well.

And remember, there’s always a chance to make your nails healthy again because they grow out. So if your nails aren’t healthy, it’s not too late to give them some TLC.