Turtlenecks are an emerging trend this season and we’re pretty excited. They can be tricky to pull off and the wrong one can make you look frumpy so finding the right one for you is essential. Celebs and models seem to wear them effortlessly well and we have a few tips on finding the right one and how to wear it best.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian are joined by their mom Kris Jenner for a meal at Fins in Los AngelesMaterial and neck size are everything. The material of the turtleneck is really important depending on what body type you have; girls that are busty or curvy in general should stick to thinner materials to avoid looking too big and girls that are on the thinner side can opt for chunkier sweaters. Another factor is your neck: if you have a small neck or have a double chin (we know we do), don’t go for chunky necks that go all the way up as it can make your neck look even smaller and can push your double chin out. Stick to short or very loose necks that only go slightly up from your collarbone. For the girls with long necks, you get to do as you please.

Play with proportions and materials. Basic rule of thumb: tight on the top, flowy on the bottom, or vice versa. If you opt for a tight turtleneck, prevent your look from looking too stuffy and wear either a loose skirt or if you can’t get enough of your skinny jeans, wear a blazer to balance it all out. If you wear a chunky turtleneck, go tighter on the bottom to avoid looking frumpy.

When in doubt, throw a blazer or coat on top. If Kim Kardashian has taught us anything since becoming one with fashion, it’s that a good coat or oversized blazer makes everything look good. Turtlenecks can be out our comfort zones and wearing something on top of it can make us feel more confident.

Want to see how to wear a turtleneck the right way? Check out the videos!
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