Paris fashion week is full of surprises and the only thing better than micro bags barely bigger than the palm of your hands is the return of a supermodel that we never thought would happen. On Saturday, fashion icon Grace Jones made her return the the runway Saturday at the launch of the Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger fashion show.

Grace’s trip down the runway to closing the show was celebratory to say the least. The model closed the show in a glitter canary yellow body suit, pink metallic striped blazer and matching knee high boots. While the industry might believe that fashion is wasted on the youth, Grace at 70 begs to differ.

The Zendaya x Tommy Hilfiger show featured a diverse cast with models of all body types. Sticking to Paris’ disco revival theme, the debut collection had a 70s and 80s vibes which was displayed by models the of all different decades – of course.

Other notable names in the lineup were Pat Cleveland, Beverly Johnson, and Veronica Webb whom were also honored for progressing the roles of black women in the fashion industry. It looks like the future of fashion is more inclusive than ever.