Put A Pearl On It

What do Veronica Lodge, Carrie Bradshaw, and Holly Golightly all have in common? Their love of pearls.
If the Paris runways have anything to say about it, pearls are back, in a big ways.

We might have seen this one coming. The accessory associated with the traditional notion of femininity is just one trends in a long string of must-haves that are inseparable from today’s “it” girl – including hair bows and the rebirth of pink.

Although feminine, 2019’s pearls aren’t the traditional single strand clavicle piece you’re thinking of. Sorry Veronica. These pearls are long strands just ready to be layered. There’s netted a bib styles made for street wear if you’re feeling a little experimental.

As we all know, Chanel does pearls best, and their latest runways show was dripping with the accessory more than usual. Chanel’s pearls are infused with personality, adorned with jeweled and emblem accents.

Don’t forget about the pearl earrings too, and we’re not talking studs. The Parisian runways were filled with statement making dangling pearl earrings. Tiers of over-sized pearls, chains of pearls, and even statement making clam shells were spotted on the runways for fall fashion week.

No matter how you choose to wear pearls, they polish off every single look.