Makeup Is For Men Too

Beauty inclusivity means beauty for all, regardless of age, or body type or even skin color. And now, it includes both women and men. Gone are the days of borrowing your lady’s makeup and in are the days of having your own makeup to enhance your own beauty. The new company War Paint is leading the way and changing the beauty industry as we know it.

While men have the same insecurities and skin imperfections that women have, there hasn’t been a makeup that has been made exclusively for men and their makeup needs. In the past, men had to resort to using women’s makeup that was designed for women and never quite met the needs of men today.

Enter War Paint. A makeup line designed exclusively for men and their tougher and thicker skin textures. War Paint offers a full line of makeup for men including bronzer, concealer, and everything else you would need for “full face” makeup coverage. If that’s not enough, War Paint is also vegan and gluten-free. Now, guys can look their best too!