Social Media and beauty influencer, Millie Mackintosh talks about her beauty routine and shared a few of her beauty products on this one. People in her line of work have a career that is linked to their image, but Millie took to her Instagram account with 1.5 million followers to share acne journey with them in the summer, blemishes are most times part of a woman’s life caused by sugar, stress or period.

The newlywed who recently got married to Hugo Taylor noticed the blemishes around her jawline and took to Instagram to upload a makeup free picture where everyone came out to talk about they have struggled with acne in the past. A lot of people recommended an acne specialist, Dr. Nick Howe who she later visited. She said her visit to the clinic made her cut down in sugar intakes and focus on relaxing since she was told her breakout was hormone and stress related.

She mentioned a few of her skin routine, her getting a YAG laser which helps with scarring. The “Made In Chelsea” star starts her day with a foaming cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. She said it hasn’t stopped her from wearing makeup though, the sun protection filter in her moisturizer helps her during the day while she double cleanses when she removes her makeup.

This beauty guru who is also a trained makeup artist just released a makeup collection with boots made of a highlighter and bronzer set named “Highlights,” she explains that the products help enhance your beauty while making you look and feel good. She also released an eyebrow set “All About The Brows” which helps shape the eyebrow.

She also mentioned that she isn’t so conscious of her skin anymore as sharing it as helped her feel more comfortable and advises that people should feel less embarrassed by acne.