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The lastest product offered by KKW

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again—no one commits to a *look* like Kim Kardashian West. Waist trainers and corsets are just baby talk compared to the time she peed herself to avoid having to remove her dress and got a haircut in the parking lot.

One of her most infamous stunts was revealed a few years back after wearing a cleavage-showing gown on the red carpet. Later that night she shared with her world of followers how she achieves such daring looks—gaffing tape.

The ultra-strong tape was her secret weapon in staying perky without the fear of a nip-slip. The idea took off and has become a back pocket trade of fashion girls everywhere. Kim has taken the same concept and applied it to her now-famous shapewear line and has created various body tapes and pasties to replace the gaffing tape.

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The material will be sold in 4 foot long rolls so the wearer can create the exact type of coverage and structure they need. At just $36 for the roll, the body tape is actually a steal compared to other shapewear items on the market.

Coming in three different skin tones and made to withstand sweat and water for 12 hours while still remaining in place. The new line of products also includes pasties which are tear-dropped shape to offer a little more support.

So now you can never let the fear of an outfit malfunction keep you from wearing the outfit!