Updos always seem like such a hassle to do for an everyday hairstyle kind of look. You also have to use massive amounts of bobby pins that you can never seem to find and your arms start hurting half way through so it’s not a hairstyle that most people call their “go-to”. We love them but they scream “special event” and going into the office is anything but.

What if there was an updo so casual that you could style it in no-time with minimal amounts of effort? Lucky for you, if you know how to do a French braid, we can teach you how to get an everyday messy braided updo with this easy tutorial.

What you’ll need:


Dry shampoo
Sea salt spray
Volumizing powder
Bobby pins
Small clear elastics

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Spray some dry shampoo in the hair to create texture and remove any oils.

Step 2. Spray in the sea salt spray to create wavy hair and mattify it as well.

Step 3. Dust in a bit of volumizing powder to create texture and volume.

Step 4. Take a section of hair in the middle of the very back of your head (where you would like the braided bun to sit) and create a French braid. Secure it with a clear elastic. You’re going to want to create 4 or 5 braids total so section the hair in equal parts.

Step 5. Braid the other sections that are left. To make the ‘do interesting, you can create a fishtail braid on one of the side braid but if you don’t know how, French braids are just fine.

Step 6. Pin up the braids and leave only the bottom middle braid. Loosen it up a bit by pulling the braid apart slightly and pin the braid down with bobby pins. This braid will be the foundation so pin it down as securely as possible.

Step 7. Repeat step 6 by loosening the braids and then wrapping in around the first braid. It doesn’t have to look perfect so don’t spend too much time on the rest of the braids.

Step 8. Dust in some volumizing powder around the crown for some extra volume. Pull out some hairs on the sides to make it look a little bit more relaxed.

To see a tutorial on how it’s done, check out the video!