(Photo Source: busbeestyle.com)

Tamara Mellon boots meet chic and sexy

There are few things more sweat-inducing and panic-inciting than the feeling of being stuck. Stuck in an elevator, stuck in a relationship, stuck in a shirt you can’t get off on your own… or wedging your foot into a boot and then having to recruit help to yank it off.

So many knee-high and over-the-knee boots come in various shoe sizes but not various leg sizes, and make the trend isolating for women that don’t comfortably fit into the “one-size-fits-all” fit. Like a light in the dark though, designer Tamara Mellon has come to pave the way for extended sizing in boots.

The first brand to launch extended calf sizes, the boots ensure that they will fit properly and can be worn with or without jeans tucked in. Gone are the days of having to have over-jean boots and no-jean boots!

(Photo Source: busbeestyle.com)

The boots run with normal shoe sizes and then each size comes in either small, medium, or large calf options. The boots hit somewhere between mid-calf and just below the knee on the models shown but will likely hit higher on shorter wearers.

Made from fine nappa leather and featuring a heel height just shy of three inches, these boots were made for walking. The Icon Knee High boot by Tamara Mellon is $795 and can be found on the brand’s website.