It is completely normal to go into a store or two and idly walk around, trying on sunglasses left and right, trying them at random while peeking at the mirror. Sunglasses offer UV protection, you need to effectively block out the sun and guard against dust, and eye diseases like muscular degeneration as you age. It also protects the skin around your eyes from wrinkle-causing UV damage. It as well protects the skin around your eyes from sunburn accompanied by the cream we use.

Square Face Shape – remember, the shape of your face determines the shape of the frames that suits your face. If you have a square face, the shape of the frames you choose should be opposite to the shape of your face. Look for curved frames that balance your angular lines, such as aviator, cat eye, round and over-sized styles.

Heart Face Shape – when choosing glasses for heart-shaped faces, the goals should be to minimize the width of the top of the face and to broaden the appearance of the chin. Look for the aviator, cat eye, and round or oval shaped frames.

Round Face Shape – angular frames that aid structure is the most flattering for you. Try square and sports frames for the perfect fit.

Oval Face Shape – you can wear any frame or style like a cat-eye, over-sized, square, and round frames etc.

In conclusion, Some sunglasses have their measurements written already so you will compare the lens width, bridge width etc. You can also check out the type of lenses you want like the UV protection, polarized, mirrored, and gradient. The lens color will also play a vital role in the selection of your favorite colored sunglasses e.g. grey, brown, yellow, green, and pink.