31-year-old actress Shay Mitchell reveals that she only applies her makeup once a day, in the morning.

Last year, she was announced as the new Global Creative Brand Ambassador for cosmetic company Buxom. She collaborated with Buxom to create the Plumping Lip Powders, in addition to a line of brightly colored blushes.

Surprisingly though, Mitchell says that she’s not actually a fan of reapplying makeup throughout the day. This is why she partnered up with Buxom – she wanted a product that would last all day, for people like her who only like applying their makeup once.

“Although I love getting glam, I don’t want to reapply a product consistently throughout the day. I’m somebody that does my makeup in the morning and I need it to last throughout the entire day, and that’s exactly what this blush does,” the Pretty Little Liars star shares to beauty & lifestyle site Refinery29.

She also adds, “I have fun with makeup, even with my hair when I play around with wigs. That’s how beauty should be. Obviously, you want to take care of yourself on the inside first, and then apply makeup and have fun with it.”