Who knew that fashion catastrophes from decades past could be the newest trend? Here’s an insider look of the biggest things coming back in 2018, and some of the trends could shock you!

“Sex and the City” is known for their hair scrunchies, but they are coming back huge this year! Velvet and satin scrunchies are especially huge, the great thing about them is that they come in almost every different type of fabric or color of your pleasing! They give us a super cute gymnast vibe.

Another thing that will shock you are socks and sandals. Kendall Jenner wore the style to a festival last year and ever since they have been huge. The theory behind this fashion is pairing thinner socks with high heels. You can make the focal point of your outfit your pair of socks by keeping your outfit simple and doing a wedge or heel with socks of your choice!

And lastly if you like denim, you’re going to love this one! Denim on denim is a big thing this year. It’s a super cool look because you can mix up different washes of jeans and style it by giving a pop of color to the outfit. Be sure to try out one of these super cool fashion comebacks!