A sleek, chic ponytail is everything! The ponytail has become more and more trendy over the years, and it’s seriously One of the simplest yet pretty hairstyles. Though it may look hard to achieve because it gives such a sophisticated, elegant look for any occasion… it’s actually super easy to do if you follow a few simple steps.

Even if you have thick hair, you can still have a sleek ponytail. Parting your hair halfway across behind your ear, making sure you only have the crown to the back part of your hair sectioned off, and you want to comb that section.

You can buy a hair hook almost anywhere and you can use it to put your back section into a ponytail. Start by sectioning off two sides of your hair from your hairline, then put the hair hook into your ponytail by brushing it down behind your ears.

Make sure you use a bristle brush when doing this so that there are no fly-aways in your hair stays in place. You simply use the hooks that you created with the first ponytail, and add the two front pieces into them! You can finish it off with a finishing cream to give a shine to your hair.

It’s super simple and clean! You can also take baby oil and dab it on to your hair as well as your end pieces. The glass hair look is super in right now, especially with a sleek ponytail! No matter what occasion you have, the ponytail is perfect for any outfit or any time… and you can always be sure you look fresh!