Eyelet fashion makes for a flirty and fun addition to your summer/ spring wardrobe. It will help you beat the heat while keeping your look chic and sweet. Before we get into some great way to style the eyelet trend, let’s first talk about what eyelet is. Eyelet is a type of lace fabric which contains patterned cut-outs, around which a stitch or embroidery is applied to prevent the fabric from unraveling.  Eyelet fabrics are traditionally made in cotton, this gives the fabric a light and lacy feel yet is more durable than most other types of lace. Eyelet patterns vary widely, but all are based on a precise arrangement of sized and spaced holes, some eyelet patterns create a tiny delicate design while others may use larger holes for an almost polka dot effect.  Though most women initially associate eyelet dresses, shirts and skirts with super girl ensembles, the eyelet fabric can blend in well within any genre of style, from rough and tough rocker chic, to a boho infused style.

For a super simple way to rock this trend on a spring afternoon we suggest opting for a mid-thigh length white eyelet dress. Pair your dress with a brown braided belt at the waist and nude wedge heels. This look is perfect for a springtime date in the park or just spending a day out and about.  Another great way to rock the eyelet trend is with eyelet shoes, believe it or not eyelet tennis shoes, oxfords and wedges have become super popular.  Eyelet shirts are another fantastic way to rock this light and airy trend, pair a boho chic inspired eyelet top with a flowy maxi skirt or even tailor Bermuda shorts for an ultra-casual and chic style.


Try The Trend Tips

Pieces made with eyelet fabric are the perfect addition to any girl’s summer/spring wardrobe, and to help you master this look here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Avoid pairing eyelet with denim; this could channel the Little House on the Prairie look if you’re not careful.

Try playing up the vintage quality of eyelet fabric by looking for a 1960’s style A-line dress.  Add it some fun retro accessories like retro cat eye sunglasses for a fun and flirty look.