The famous celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin‘s recent engagement has been popping up from left to right everywhere! There are all different types of rumors about their wedding, and they are said to be planning an intimate, small ceremony.

With a very quick engagement, they are taking their time to get married by holding off their wedding ceremony. But is it possible that Justin Bieber is a groomzilla?

They even know who is going to be at their wedding party and where the venue is going to be! And though they will not tie the knot till next year, you may debate whether it is either really creepy or sentimental because of the date. Justin is hoping to marry Hailey near his birthday, which is March 1st.

Though we can’t argue that spring weddings are definitely romantic and a time of love and blooming relationships, is it creepy that he wishes for the wedding to occur on his birthday. He did tell Hailey he was born to marry her, so maybe that’s an indicator as to why!

Though if you think about it, it does sound as if Justin Bieber is controlling the wedding and seemingly calling all the shots. The wedding is going to be held in Canada, where Justin Bieber is from, so it is a special place to him.

But what about Hailey? Since the engagement, she has not been seen with any of her friends. Could the potential wedding date be over the top?