Makeup is a girl’s best friend but when it moves or smudges, it can quickly become your frenemy. Mascara flakes, lipstick bleeds, and foundation melts so how can we prevent these things from happening? We can’t all afford a professional makeup artist so getting it right on our own is necessary.

To avoid making makeup mistakes and look like you have a makeup artist on hand, give these simple tips a try.

Foundation flashback. To avoid looking too white in photographs, avoid using foundation with SPF as it creates a white cast on your face. Also avoid loose powders with silica or solver mica as this also creates a white flashback in the area in which it was applied.

Bleeding lipstick. This can happen to anybody but especially if you have aging skin as wrinkles around the lips are more prominent. Use a lip liner on the whole lip to prevent bleeding and to prevent the ring around your mouth when your lipstick completely wears off.

Eye shadow transferring on the lower waterline. Use a primer all over the lid to prevent your eye shadow from smudging or moving to begin with. Then, after you’ve applied your concealer to the under eye area, powder the whole area well especially on the outer corners so that no transferring occurs.

Mascara flaking. Mascara tends to flake when it either too old or you waited too long to apply a second coat. To prevent flaking, wait only 5-10 seconds after your first coat so that it doesn’t bulk up too much.

Foundation melting. If your foundation is melting off of your face it’s probably either too rich for your skin type or you may be producing too much oil. You can easily avoid this by using a primer or setting the area with a translucent powder.

Check out the video to see how to avoid other makeup mistakes.
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