There’s a fine line when it comes to beauty junkies when you go from really, really caring about your skin to being obssesive and we’re pretty sure we (and maybe you, too) crossed that line a long time ago. But who wouldn’t want their skin to look smooth and youthful for as long as possible? And with all of the celebs looking perfect on magazines, tv, and the big screen, we need to keep up with whatever they’re doing to their skin.

Celebs are known to do some, erm, interesting things to their skin and lately they’ve been letting the cat out of the bag for all of us to know. Some are doable and some are downright weird. Check out what these celebs do to keep their skin in tip-top shape:

Gwyneth Paltrow: Oil pulling. This technique is an ancient one to draw out toxins from the body and improve health for overall. Pretty much everybody and their mother tried this and some swear by it because it also makes you look better. While it’s a natural way to detox, doing it incorrectly can cause loosing taste sensation in the mouth.
mizonSandra Bullock: Hemorrhoid cream. Sandra swears by dabbing a bit of this cream on her undereye area to make it look firmer. This is a good technique to use especially for special occasions so be sure to use it sparingly as it can cause some damage.
Katie Holmes: Snail secretion. This one definitely sounds a little weird but believe us, it actually works. Snail secretion helps with skin regeneration and repairs damage caused from acne and hyper-pigmentation for clearer, brighter skin. It also helps with fighting wrinkles and improves skin elasticity so this is something you’re going to want to try.
Kim Kardashian: The vampire facial. We all saw that infamous picture of Kim with blood all over her face which was actually a facial she got done. The facial helps with fine lines and wrinkles while improving texture and tone but is extrememly painful. We think we’ll be sticking to the snail cream.
Suki Waterhouse: Coca-Cola hair rinse. This beauty DIY works best for fine or limp hair that needs more body and volume. Suki uses it when she wants beachy, textured and hair and she swears by it. It’s worth a try but only if you have finer hair because otherwise you’ll be left with sticky tresses.
To see more weird celebrity beauty habits, check out the video!
(Cover image: US Weekly)