With the style athleisure wear becoming increasingly more popular, people have gone for the more comfortable route. Distressed denim is all about the look of wear and tear. With that being said, jeans have been decreasing in price due to the lack of demand!

Since athleisure Wear tends to be more edgy, people decided to bring back the vintage style of ripped jeans. Companies have started selling ripped jeans.

Not only as a way to increase prices, but to stay on trend with the newest appearances. Back in the day, distressed denim was all the rage with all the rock stars, hippies, and punks wore them as a sign of rebellion.

The rise of grunge music also played a huge role in the up rise of distressed jeans. If your jeans were ripped, you were without a doubt a cool kid.

People might wonder, why pay so much for an item that looks so damaged and worn? Distressed jeans have now become a staple piece in people‘s closets, and some say the price tag is worth a protest.

The reason it is so expensive is not only because of its trendiness but the labor that goes into making them. Most jeans are hand distressed and slashed, taking longer than the average amount of jeans would take to make.

Those perfect holes don’t get there by themselves! Now distressed jeans our chic and truly do look great with any outfit!