Ballet flats are in, but many women feel they look frumpy when wearing the shoe on a date or to the office. The key is to wear things that are somewhat body conscious and do not add bulk. Because the shoes are flat, you don’t have anything elongating your figure. This is great for your feet (comfort rules!), but can be tricky when it comes to styling. Remember not all ballet flats are created equal. Luxe flats in leather, satin or those that boast embellishment are the right route for the office or dinners out. Casual outings can work with casual ballet flats in tweed, bold colors or with cutesy detailing.


Flats at work are great, especially if your job involves being on your feet throughout the day. You don’t want your look to be too casual, so keep your clothing streamlined and pristine. A sheath dress topped with a cardigan is great, but kick it up a notch by cinching with a wide belt. Even though you’re wearing flats, you’ll look plenty “dressed,” and appropriate for a meeting or presentation. For a low key look at the office, try a print blouse or blouse with a bow detail along with skinny, ankle-length slacks. It’s a cute whimsical look that brings fashion to the work place in an appropriate way.


It’s the weekend and the last thing you want to do is trot around in heels. Ballet flats are as cute as they are comfortable. In warmer weather, try a feminine blouse with twill shorts or capris with your flats. When the weather cools down, add tights to dresses and skirts for a look that covers your legs while still showing off your flats. Remember not all ballet flats can endure all types of weather. Patent leather with a distressed or crackle effect can handle rain or light snow. If your playground includes city streets, have rubber soles added to the bottom of your flats so they stand the test of time.


Accessories are key in amping up ballet flats. After all, if you’re wearing staple pieces in dowdy colors with a pair of ballet flats, you can come off as frumpy. Inject sparkle and shine to your look with a statement necklace or large cuff bracelet. Just because you’re in flats doesn’t mean you dismiss fashion, and you need to demonstrate that. A bold belt, cocktail ring or bright tights can add the wow factor to work or play looks when wearing ballet flats.

Embracing ballet flats is easy, and will alleviate your feet from chunky heels or wedges. Remember it doesn’t take height to look fashionable. If you’re willing to put a little effort into your styling and accessories, your outfit can look just as fabulous with ballet flats as with 4 inch heels. Remember to walk tall – just because you’re in flats doesn’t give you a ticket to slouch!


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