When most girls think of ponytails, usually working out or any type of activity that involves getting hair out of the way comes to mind. It’s easy, doesn’t take too much time, looks adorable, and even makes you look younger. The best thing about styling a ponytail is that it works great for pretty much any occasion like work, happy hour, or even an evening date if you take a few extra steps.

If you want to style your hair in a high ponytail that’s fit for any occasion, check out this tutorial.

You’ll need the following styling products:

1. Texturizing spray
2. Heat protectant
3. Styling gel
4. Curling wand
5. Comb (to tease the hair)
6. 2 elastics
7. 1 small clip

Now follow these easy steps:

Step 1. This hairstyle works best on second day hair that has some loose curls. Spray in some texturizing spray for added texture. If your hair isn’t second-day with curls, don’t fret—spray some texturizing spray and create some curls with a curling wand.

Step 2. Spray in some heat protectant all over the hair.

Step 3. After you’ve created some texture in your hair, take a teasing comb and tease the center of your hair to add volume. Concentrate on the crown part and do it by small sections for more control.

Step 4. Smooth your hair back lightly to keep the volume in your hair and tie the hair with an elastic. To find your perfect height, place your fingers on the corners of your eyes and run your hair back.

Step 5. Part your ponytail in half (top and bottom) and place the small clip there. This will add more volume without being noticeable.

Step 6. If your pony is looking a bit flat, tease a bit and create more curls with the curling wand.

Step 7. Set everything in place with some a small amount of styling gel.

Optional: If you want a more sophisticated look or just don’t want the elastic to be visible, use an elastic that has a clasp.

(Cover image: stockholm-streetstyle.com)