Dakota Johnson does not believe in superficial beauty, sitting in an interview with Elle magazine she mentioned how she does not believe in the unrealistic beauty standards promoted by social media especially Instagram. During the interview she said, “no matter what you look like, real beauty comes from how you behave and how you treat others.”

She talked about the futility of outer beauty emphasizing, “To me, beauty is really the way you behave. Beauty is how you treat people. Beauty is your heart and how you give it to others, and how you give and receive love and respect. So that’s the thing that anyone, no matter how famous you are or what you look like, put that on Instagram all you want. That’s what’s important.”

The 29-year-old actress who just finished with a dance horror movie titled “Suspiria” which means “Sigh” talked about her time in Firenze, Italy where she had to stay up in a mountain, she claims isolation from civilization and social media helped her with her character. She says, “It was really like being sort of sequestered into a place to make something and then leave and you emerge with this product of like creative force. To be there with a bunch of dancers and a bunch of incredible actresses from all over the world was unbelievable.”

Although she complained about how she felt lonely because she was far away from home with no ability to see her loved ones even while they were experiencing a great change. She said it felt like she could only look down at the world as being in Firenze was like she was on another planet. She said it was interesting to see them experiencing change but she also felt inferior because she could not help.