The ChicTrends Team is very excited to announce today our very first contest exclusively for US, UK and Canadian fashion YouTube vloggers! Be sure to read the rules carefully to make the perfect “Back to School Look”!

Rules of the contest:
The contest will officially begin August 26, 2013 and will end September 6, 2013 at 11:59 pm.

The fashion vlogger must:

–  Name the video “Back to School Look 2013-2014”

–  Use only trends posted after January 1st, 2013.

–  Come up with a look and post on their YouTube channel that includes at least 2 of the trends posted on our site. You may, however, post up to 2 different looks. It’ll increase your odds of winning!

–  Of those 2 trends, one should be clothing and the second whatever you’d like whether it is hair, manicure, makeup, or shoes. The more trends you use, the better!

–  Provide a description of the look in the “YouTube Description Box” and cite the articles of the trends they used from our site. For example, if you included the “Pastel Skinny Jeans” trend in your look you must place this link in the description box:

–  Additionally, you must provide a link to our site and to our Facebook page which are the following: and .

Our in-house editors will judge all of the looks submitted. The following are the basis of what your look (s) will be judged on:

-Number of trends used

-Creative use of trends


watch pic

Submission and Prize:
To submit your look (s) after you have posted to YouTube please email us at and we will reply with a confirmation email that will notify you that we’ve received it.

The winner will be announced on September 6, 2013 and will receive this season’s HOTTEST accessory! – A brand new Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch!

Good luck to everyone participating and we look forwa9d to your looks! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @chictrendsuk for more updates. Sorry for the delay, due to technical difficulties, we could not post yesterday.