Women are always trying to find clever ways to look great and save money, the good news is that this trend does exactly that. Using your blush as eyeshadow is a fantastic way to play up your eyes and save a little money in the process.  There is no reason why your blush can’t do double duty, designers know this all too well because at this years runway shows we saw plenty of beautiful blushing eyes on the catwalk.  Sneaking a little blush onto your eye lids can make your eyes come alive and make your eye color pop more than the typical brown, beige and black eyeshadow would.

The great news about using your blush as eyeshadow is that you already know it will complement your skin because if you’ve been using it on your cheeks than it will look just as good if not better around your eyes. You can opt to add a little hint of blush to your usual eyeshadow application routine. Or you could decide to swap out your old shadow completely and go for a totally blushed eye.  Another option would be to swipe a little blush onto your lower eye lid to really make your eye stand out.

Try The Trend Tips
We highly recommend giving this clever trend a try, there is no reason not to let your blush give your eyes a sun kissed touch of warmth this year.

If you don’t typically wear blush but want to wear it on your eyes than look for a shade that plays well with your eye color, for brown eyes we suggest going with a warm peach hue and for lighter eyes we recommend going with a pastel pink shade of blush.

Keep in mind not to overdo it with the blush on your cheeks if you’re wearing it on your eyes as well.