Put down those tweezers, ladies! In fact, you might not even need them that much depending on your natural eyebrow shape. Long gone are those days when it was cool to have super thin eyebrows that many popular celebrities and models had back in the 90’s. This season we saw many of the models from the Spring/Summer 2013 runways from Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Narciso Rodriguez, to name a few, sport a big bold eyebrow that we’re absolutely loving. We’re all guilty of over-plucking at some point in our lives but we’re glad that the thin eyebrow trend is over.

The popular model Cara Delevingne is the poster child for big natural brows and she’s not the only famous person raising a brow for her brows; celebrities like Jennifer Connelly, Camilla Belle, and the stunning Denise Richards also let their natural brows come out to play. Although natural brows are the best brows to have, we do have to point out that you shouldn’t let them grow like a wildfire; grooming is essential to having the perfect brows. Keep reading for more tips on how to have the perfect brows.

Try the Look
First things first: you must let your eyebrow hairs grow! Let them grow out for a week or two without plucking. Only that way will you know what your natural shape is and how long they take to actually grow out for future reference. The time could fluctuate depending on how much tweezer damage you’ve done. Once you’ve got that done your natural eyebrow shape should be more defined and you’ll be able to see which rebel eyebrow hairs need to be plucked. It’s important to not pluck out a shape that you like because then it defies the whole reason for growing out your brows. Fresh, natural makeup looks the best with natural brows but a bold pink pout will look just as great

As we mentioned above, after you’ve grown your eyebrows out and have your natural shape, only pluck the few eyebrow hairs that seem to be out of line. Some ladies have thicker brows so having some tiny grooming scissors and eyebrow comb will come in handy. If your eyebrows seem to be bushy, take the time to comb them through and cut the ones that are long. Natural brows can get out of hand so cutting them from time to time is necessary.

Filling them in.
We know that not everybody can grow Cara Delevingne type eyebrows naturally so filling them in is essential if you’re trying this trend. Eyebrow powder looks more natural as opposed to pencils because it can look too drawn in. Also, make sure to only use colors that are ash toned like ash brown or an ash blonde. Colors that are rich like a chocolate brown or deep red aren’t natural colors that you’re born with so your eyebrows shouldn’t look like that either.