When it comes to wearing pale pink there is a fine line between childish and sophisticated.  This year pale pink is making a smooth transition into high fashion, gown-up girl clothing and we are very excited about it. The pale pink hue is fresh, delicate and perfect for both play and work wear. Even if pale pink clothing isn’t your thing you can still get in on this trend by wearing pale pink nail polish or even lipstick. This popular color is taking over because of its versatility and subtle girly flare. Overall, we really like the way pink is being transformed into more than just a childish Crayola hue.

For a great way to wear pale pink at the office we suggest pairing a black pencil skirt with a pale pink men’s button down style shirt. This look is professional and commend while still maintaining a feminine quality about it. In winter we love the look of a pale pink skirt paired with black leggings and an oversized sweater. This look is super comfy and looks just as cozy as it feels. Plus wearing pale pink in winter offers a refreshing touch of brightness and warmth to the outfit, even though its cold out.

Try The Trend Tips

We highly recommend giving pale pink a place in your wardrobe this year, it’s a cute and fresh way to add a little life into your look. Below are a few tips to help your master the pale pink trend.

Try pairing pale pink with edgy pieces like leather; it’s a great way to look a little less innocent in the color. For example, pair black leather leggings with a pale pink blazer for a feminine yet sexy look.

Pale pink lipstick is also another great way to wear this trend, though we think this look works best on fair skinned ladies best.