Mixing bright solid colors with bold prints has become the most colorful way to get your wardrobe ready for fall this season. The chic and fashionable combinations are endless with this trend.  Patterns like chic animal prints, classics like stripes and polka dots and even abstract options like far out psychedelic print are all fantastically bold prints to pair with color saturated solids this fall.  The reason this trend is so wearable is because you can show off a little personality with you print choice while still keeping you look totally sophisticated and classic by anchoring the print with an equally as eye catching solid colored piece. We’ve notice two big divisions in terms of how to wear this trend, so try one out…or both if you’re feeling especially chic!

Matching Prints and Solids
This is the best way to wear this trend to the office or another other work wear appropriate environment.  By only choosing one main color for your print and solid ensemble you’ll ensure that you won’t look overly busy.  We suggest going for a rich navy hued double breasted blazer and pairing that with a navy floral printed midi skirt and a solid white tank top. This look is a great example of how you can wear a bold flower print in the office while still looking totally work appropriate and chic.

Mixed Prints and Solids
If you’re ready to make a bright and bold statement, we suggest mixing your bright solid colors with prints that are in a contrasting color. You’ll have to be a little cautious about your color and print choices and be sure to have at least one cohesive piece in your look to tie everything together. For example, pair a fresh and fun red fruit print blouse with bold electric blue relaxed trousers and use deep mahogany brown accessories, like, lace up heels and a matching skinny belt, to tie your whole look together.