This season comes to us with a summer staple that we’ve been quite fond of for the last few years (or for the Romans, maybe thousands of years?): the gladiator sandals. But don’t whip out your sandals too quickly because unless it has a heel and is up to your knees, you’re probably going to need a new pair. The runways Spring/Summer 2013 of Tom Ford, Versace, and Salvatore Ferragamo, to name a few, had the long legged models walking in an Italian favorite only this time the sandals had a high heel and went up all the way to the knee. We were surprised to see that these high laced up sandal were paired with dresses that are long enough to hit the floor but also with mini dresses so basically, they go with just about anything.

Chic celebrities that have been seen sporting this daring heel include: Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, and Selena Gomez. We’re somewhat torn about this heel because it can look overbearing depending on what you’re wearing but if you follow our tips below we’re sure you’ll look fabulous.

Try the Trend

Let’s face it ladies, this trend will most likely compliment women that have long legs because some of us shorter girls will look even shorter if we wear them. Thankfully for us shorter girls we have 2 options: either buy the high gladiator heel that doesn’t go all the way up the knee (half way is fine) or buy the one that goes up the knee and wear a dress or shorts that are on the shorter side and preferably high waisted so that it gives the illusion that you are taller. So you can try this look by baring your midriff with a crop top  and high waisted leather shorts.

You might want to wear the minimum when it comes to accessories because depending on the style you go for, the shoes will double as a heel and an accessory. For the lucky taller ladies (we’re jealous!), you can wear this heel with whatever article of clothing you fancy. From long, flowy dresses to a designer t-shirt and some dress shorts, you can go whatever route you please. You’re hair and makeup is entirely up to you since it depends on the look you go for, but because it’s summer live easy and just sport some beach waves and a colorful pout.

We’re really excited to try this trend, hope you are too!