Whispie is my favorite word

There’s a lot of power behind a good pair of lashes. They magnify the eye shape, instantly open up your face, and are effortlessly glam. However, finding the right pair, that can work miracles one, two, and three that I just described can be a bit of a hassle.

Contrary to what you might believe, there is no beginners luck when buying the right lash. It’s a well formulated science. The rule of thumb for the most natural looking lash is to stick with styles that feature lash lengths of varying sizes and ones that have curled pieces. They mimic the shape of your natural lash the most, and really do a lot for enhancing the texture of your natural lash.

Huda Beauty Jacqueline False Lashes
Huda Kattan is the queen of falsies. Elevate your everyday look to an IG baddy with this whispie pair.

Sephora Collection Flare Luxe False Lashes
The Flare lashes are perfect for almond shaped eyes. They’re tapered design that’s fuller on the edges instantly opens up the eye shape.

Tarte Tartiest Pro-Cruelty Free Goddess Lashes
These Goddess lashes have a flattering piece-y design that have gained them a cult-following.

Velour Lashes Effortless No-Trim Natural Lash Collection in No Drama
Velour Lashes are the ultimate in luxury lash, so it’s no wonder that their No Drama style is the world’s most perfect whispie lash.

Lily Lashes for Sephora Collection in Paris
These Lily Lashes give that little extra lash boost thickening and elongating that natural lashes that you do have!