Everyone has heard of face primer. But have you ever wondered if lash primers are really necessary? Some people don’t even know that mascara primer is a thing and it may seem extra, but they are said to left your lashes and give them that extra flair. Here are a few lash primers that have been tried out and put to the test.

The primers have been tested out by putting mascara on one eye and putting mascara primer and mascara on another eye to see if there is any difference. It is recommended that lash primer is put on before mascara, but people also use it after because they believe it will seal their mascara.

After they were tried out, they really do look longer and thicker and make your mascara last longer than ever! So if you’re looking for a few great eyelash primers, or if you’re looking to splurge on an eyelash primer, try out the Givenchy base mascara perfecter.

Another great eyelash primer is made by Estée Lauder, and then there’s the L’Oreal Paris Paradise Primer if you’re looking for a cheaper option. And if you’re a Clinique fan, the lash builder primer may be for you. What do you think, is lash primer really worth it?