PrimerWe’ve all done this before: you have the perfect outfit picked out, great hair, and amazing makeup that brings out all your best features but then you go out and a few hours later it seems like your eye shadow pulled a Harry Houdini on you and vanished right before your eyes.

You ponder on what you did wrong and vow to never buy that brand of eye shadow again but really it was your fault: you forgot the eye shadow primer.

Eye shadow primer should always be on top of your list before trying to pull of that smoky eye because it really does make it stay for a great part of the day. Not all primers are made equal so it’s important to take the following into consideration:

1. Are my eyelids oily, normal, or dry?
2. Do I want a pearly or matte base?
3. Do I want transparent or colored?

For a pearly smoky eye we like MAC’s paint pot in “painterly” and for every day look for work E.L.F.’s eyelid primer in “sheer”. If you want to hear about more options, be sure to watch the video!