Award season is something we look forward to every year and the SAG Awards is definitely one of them. Although it may have an unfortunate name, the fashion that accompanies it is not. From gown, to jumpers, and crop tops, this year’s SAG Awards had a little bit for everyone to choose from. To see our Best and Worst dressed at The SAG Awards 2014, keep reading.


Lupita Nyong’o
Does this lovely lady ever get a look wrong? She looked absolutely gorgeous in a long Gucci turquois dress with the same colored details on her chest. She’s our best dressed of the night.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer wore a long sequined Christian Dior dress that looked amazing on her. It’s young, form-fitting, and compliments her skin tone perfectly. We’re guessing this makes up for her last dress that made headlines all over the internet.

Sofia Vergara
Our favorite on screen mom, Sofia Vergara, wore an amazing sequin gown from Donna Karen Atelier. It looked perfect on her body type and her hair and makeup made it that much better.


Kerry Washington
We never thought we’d see the day when Kerry would make our worst dressed list. Usually pregnant women can get away with wearing pretty much anything but not this time. Kerry wore a beautiful crop top and a long, black midi skirt that were completely unflattering on her. It made her look too big but had she worn this sans baby bump, it would’ve been perfect. Sorry Kerry.

Mayim Bailik
The Big Bang Theory star really left us baffled with her choice of gown selection. She wore a lavender dress with long sleeve lace details that we can’t seem to like. It looked a bit too much like a costume and made her look older.
Mariah Carey
For our worst dressed of the night we have Mariah Carey. She wore an extremely unflattering dress that made her look bigger because it didn’t suit her on shape well. It looked like something you’d wear to a cocktail hour rather than a prestigious award show. And did we mention those horrendous leather gloves? We’re still scratching our heads.