Setting spray is the perfect way to keep your makeup from straying away. Primer can be somewhat time consuming when you’re in a hurry to do your makeup but don’t want it to move for the whole day. A few spritz of your favorite setting spray and your makeup is set for the day. The only bad part about it is that setting spray can be a tad expensive so making your own will save you money and time.


You’ll need 2 simples ingredients for this DIY: filtered water and glycerin. You can buy glycerin at any pharmacy or drugstore and bottled water to make your setting spray. You will also need a spritzer bottle with an extra fine mist setting so that you don’t get big droplets on your face. It’ll make you forget that Mac Fix + or Urban Decay’s de-slick ever existed.

For a step-by-step demonstration and exact measurements, tune in to the video!