(Photo Credit: John Phillips/2016 Getty Images)

He Got It From His Mama

Children always want to be like their parents. And if your mother happens to be a model, well then you probably fall in line with the family business and become a model too. And that’s exactly what this celebrity son did.

Elizabeth Hurley, British actress and model, has been a smashing success since she first hit the silver screen in 1987. Since then, she has starred in over twenty-two films, countless TV shows, and has been a model and spokeswoman for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty names in the industry. But that’s not all for this three-time Vogue cover model. Now she’s in the business of raising one of the newest models in the industry.

It’s fair to say that modeling is in the genes. This is especially true for Damian Hurley, son of the illustrious Elizabeth Hurley, who’s debut model shoot showed him as a spitting image of his mother. The debut shoot was for makeup artist Pat McGrath’s new “Sublime Perfection the System” line of makeup. The shoot featured Damian with long luscious blonde hair and blue eyes, reminiscent of a younger Liz Hurley starting out.