Dior’s Paris Fashion Week Inspiration

When other designers go kitschy and high concept for their inspiration, Maria Grazia Chiuri delves straight into the European history books.

The designer created a major fashion moment at Paris Fashion Week with her latest Dior ready to wear collection that was infused with the her notions of modern femininity.

Image Source: Instagram

Chiuri’s influence for her latest collection the Teddy Girls a forgotten fashion subculture in Britain in the 1950s. While the Christian Dior was busy inventing the new look at the time, the Teddy Girls could have arguably invented the boyfriend jean.

Teddy Girls were rebellious in their own way. The subculture was made up with teenagers who defined a unique style of androgynous by opting for menswear that was readily available from post-war rations. Most commonly opting for an Edwardian style jacket – which is what gave them their name.

Image Source: Instagram

Chiuri told Vogue media about her collection saying, “sometimes when we think about the 50s we think about a time that was formal, but honesty mixed the Edwardian jacket with the denim that had arrived in Europe from the USA….Subcultures in some way have a big influence in the traditional fashion world, and I tried to portray that in a contemporary way”

Models that were a part of the show raved about the collection and liked how it embodied being a strong women. The collection has been hailed of being one of Chiuri’s best at the house by playing with the idea of being masculine and feminine at the same time.