Now-a-days nails really have become works of art and what better way to showcase a work of art then a frame. We suppose that how this latest manicure trend got started. The picture framed manicure trend is a simple and chic look that’s both easy to do and fun to wear. Picture frame nails have been spotted at the runway shows of Charlotte Ronson and Tracy Reese, where we saw this subtle manicure making a big splash. We first gave you a little intro to this trend via our snow white nails trend reports, where we talked about Zoe Saldana’s affection for this manicure style. Whether you plan on rocking this manicure trend to class and work or for party and play, we know that picture framed nails will leave your hands looking oh-so chic.

When it comes to color combinations the framed manicure is the perfect platform to show off some of this seasons hottest hues. Since summer is still around for a bit longer go ahead and opt for bright colors like turquoise nails with a golden glittery frame or sultry red hot nails with a sleek white frame. Once we start to transition into fall consider going for a two toned look featuring a deep oxblood hue in the center framed by a lighter shade of that same deep red. You could also go for a super subtle version of this look and opt for two shades of nude polish (one light one dark) to create this chic manicure style.  You can always go to the salon to get this chic look, but fortunately this style is also DIY manicure friendly, check out some tips for how you can master this style at home.

Try The Trend
The key to making this manicure look pro perfect at home is investing in a great little nail brush.  You are going to want to go for a brush that is about 6.5mm long and 1.5mm in diameter, you can probably find a suitable one at your local beauty store or go the online route if not.

Once you’ve decided on your color combo paint your nail with your interior color than once dry carefully frame your nail using your color of choice with your nail brush. You can opt to frame just three edges of your nail or do all four, both variations are equally chic.

For you ladies who don’t have the time to slowly frame each nail or just lack the steadiness of hand it requires, try using notebook reinforcement stickers to help create this trendy look. Start by painting your entire nail the “inner” color and letting it dry completely. Then place a sticker just above your cuticle leaving enough room for your frame color. All that’s left to do is paint in your frame color and carefully remove the sticker.

We highly suggest you give the framed manicure a try ladies, because this little nail trend packs a big chic punch.