Well, you must have noticed that your favorite moisturizer has an expiry date. A lot of women ignore that or some use it all before that actual expiry date. However, I would like to provide you with some few guidelines on how long you should keep your skin products.

For your facial moisturizer and serums. You should use them for 6 months, at most a year. If you make use of a fragile skincare and high degree of actives, it is advised that you should use up your product for 2 months. This product has special ingredients and must be used mainly according to directions. Furthermore, toners with hydrating mists should be used for 1 year, facial cleansers should be used for 1-year max as well, and the same goes for your facial exfoliants.

Skincare products

You may have products that you are using right now. Products which must have probably pass their expiry date. I’ll advise you to check them right now. And stop using them immediately. You might be causing some skin issues that you may not know. Expired beauty products are completely bad for your skin. Don’t compromise.

Now, you might probably be thinking that what if there is no expiry date on the packaging? Well, there are some few signs enough to give you the warning lights.

  • If the product changes color, don’t use.
  • If it feels different on your skin, don’t use.
  • If it smells different. It may not smell bad but lacks the initial smell. Don’t use.
  • If the product is labeled preservative free. Please stop using after 6 months. Because a product labeled preservative free can get contaminated easily.
  • If it looks strange. Don’t use it anymore.

These days there are a lot of skin care products. So it would be nice if you one brand you love, perfect for your skin and you have enough information about that brand. Your skin is very important.