(Photo Credit: Nacása & Partners Inc.)

Bottega Venata wants to help restore damaged Venetian landmarks

Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Venata has taken the pledge to aid in restoring the historic landmarks in Venice that have come under damage recently. Last month, much of the iconic city flooded out of the canals and greatly damaged homefronts, stores, hotels, and treasured historical artifacts.

Restoring the St. Mark’s Basilica isn’t just a good deed project, it’s one that hits close to home for the brand. Partnering with Venetian Heritage, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring damaged and dilapidated areas of the highly visited city, Bottega Venata is connecting with its homegrown roots in this mission.

Founded just an hour outside of the city of Venice and showcasing designs that draw heavily on the architectural influence of the infamous city, Bottega Venata owes it to the city of water to give back in some way. From now until the end of the year, 30 percent of proceeds from four different bag styles—the BV Classic, the BV Angle, the BV Marco, and the Marie—will be funneled to Venetian Heritage for restoring the damages on the St. Mark’s Basilica. The bags can be purchased in stores or on their website.