Now that winter is rolling around many women opt for short hair cuts in order to avoid the dreaded, wet hair in the cold problem.  Short hair is a favorite of many Hollywood starlets like Ginnifer Goodwin, who has been known to rock the pixie look or Christina Ricci, who has made the blunt bob her signature hair do.  The key to making short hair work for you is making sure your hair cut flatters the shape of your face. So below you’ll find out which short hairstyle will work best for your particular facial shape and structure.

Round Face
Those ladies with rounder faces have a few options as far as short hair cuts are concerned, you could opt for a super short pixie cut with longer layers mixed in, similar to current style of Michelle Williams side swept, super short do. You could also opt for a bob that extends about two inches below your jaw line. Both of these styles will enhance the curves of your face without making your face look larger.

Square Face
Ladies with a square or angular face look particularly stunning with short hair; our favorite look for them is a wavy bob. Since the jawline of a person with a square face can be quite blunt it is important that the hairstyle incorporate a little bit of softness.  Keira Knightley has favored this look because it goes perfect with the sharp angle of her chin.

Heart Shaped Face
For ladies with a heart shaped face, like Reese Witherspoon, your hair length should never be shorter that your chin, so your best bet with a short hair style is going to be a bob. You could opt for a layered or blunt bob, both will work fantastically with your face. We also recommend adding lightly side swept bang to your do, it will soften your look, giving you an effortless appearance.