The first samples of anklet chains were discovered while excavating Sumerian tombs, and the Sumerian are said to live in the southernmost region of Mesopotamia. Many women consider the wearing of anklet just another fashion statement, there are less than ideal symbolic associations to the accessory. However, an anklet is a bracelet worn around the ankle.

The anklets are also called leg chains, ankle chains, ankle bracelets, or ankle strings; it has been worn by women throughout history. They signify as foot adornment to fashionable women, and also as social status. Some accounts also claim that worshipers of a deity called Baal prescribed the use of anklets for prostitutes.

A married woman who wears an anklet is often referred to as “Hotwife” – this woman is said to be married or committed yet available to other men for sexual activities with the husband’s consent and encouragement. Here are some of the “Hotwife” symbols behind the anklet bracelet:

Heart Symbol
If the anklets contain heart symbols, it means the wife is committed to her husband but free to date other men and above relationships with mutual benefits.

Anklets With Key Symbol
It can also be called a key charm, it means the husband is “locked” and the wife holds the key to his happiness.

Finally, the metallic chains could be complemented with some sonorous chains to jingle and tinkle gently while dancing. Anklets can be of different designs of various materials like gold, leather, silver, plastic etc. and in a focal point of mixing and matching procedure.

The women wearing anklets on their right ankles were being referred to as girls. However, some anklets are used by some people to simply accessorize.