The fashion world is having a major love affair at the moment with comfortable shoes and our feet have never been so excited and relieved. The past season and current one have been all about flat shoes like Birkenstocks, sneakers, and the trendiest of all, man shoes. This trend is all about comfort over beauty and perfecting it with your own feminine touch.

Want to try the trend? Here are a few ways you can wear the man shoe trend.

With a t-shirt and trousers. If you want an effortless look for when you’re going out shopping or running errands, pairing some loafers with trousers and a t-shirt is one of the easiest ways to wear this trend. This look is great for man shoe beginners because it’s not overwhelming but still is a classic look to pair loafers with.

With a dress or skirt. Pairing a dress or flowy skirt with loafers is ironic but it looks oh-so-good. The key to wearing something so feminine with something so masculine is to make everything else look effortless, almost unpolished. Keep the accessories and makeup at a minimum and rock that second or third day hair. Think of it as neutralizing both extremes to make the perfect look.

With matching separates. If you want to submerge yourself into the trend, this look is the way to go. You can either choose to go with something more masculine like a black two-piece suit or matching separates with a fun print and color. Both options can be very feminine but a pair of loafers or Birkestocks will really give them that ironic twist.

(Image: The Fashion Tag)